Voice of Liberty Costa Rica (VOLCR) is an interdenominational ministry in Costa Rica made up of many churches dedicated to making disciples in the prisons of Costa Rica. VOLCR also works with families on the outside of the prison, assists ex-prisoners with transition to productive participation in the free world, and Calle Blancos Church assists in helping with victims of crime. VOLCR began in San Sebastian prison which is the central processing prison for the entire system. As men await trial and sentencing, they are brought to San Sebastian prison. Many go into other prisons after they are sentenced. Because of this, the church started by VOLCR in San Sebastian has spread throughout the prison system. Approximately 400 of the 1000 inmates in San Sebastian are part of the Christian Church. Other prisons that Voice of Liberty supports are: Buen Pastor (women's prison), Virilla, Reforma, Zurqui (juvenile prison), El Roble, Sandoval, La Leticia, San Carlos and APAC faith-based prison. 



Is to restore (affirmation), train (discipleship), and send (ministry) each person we touch with our ministry. 



To serve the prison community: inmates, former inmates, victims, families and those responsible for administering justice, by a Christian ministry, making disciples of Jesus Christ and learning to disciple others, promoting biblical standards of justice in the criminal system.



To be a community of reconciliation and restoration for all those who are involved or affected by crime, proclaiming and demonstrating the redeptive and transforming power of Jesus Christ's love.


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San Antonio Desamparados, 500 meters south of the San Antonio High School - Costa Rica